IBM TS3200 Tape Library



IBM TS3200

The TS3200 48 tape cartridge capacity and use of up to two Ultrium LTO-5 Full-High tape drives or up to four Ultrium LTO-5 Half-High tape drives scales to 144 TB compressed (72 TB native). The IBM Ultrium LTO-5 tape drive supports up to 140 MBps native data-transfer.

The TS3200 scales with the use of up to two LTO Full-High tape drives or up to four LTO Half-High tape drives and 48 tape cartridge capacity. The library is configured with four removable cartridge magazines, two on the left side (24 data cartridge slots) and two on the right (24 data cartridge slots). Additionally, the lower left magazine includes a three-slot I/O station to help support continuous library operation while importing and exporting media.


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