IBM 3592 JB Data Cartridge

Native capacity: TS1140 E07: 1,600 GB / E06: 1,000 GB  / E05: 700 GB
TS1130 E06: 1,000 GB / E05: 700 GB
TS1120 E05: 700 GB
Open System capacity (2:1 compression): 1.4 TB
System z capacity (3:1 compression): 2.1 TB
Long-length durability 300 full file passes
Short-length durability 40,000 cycles at ambient
Load/unload 20,000 load, unload, and initialization cycles
Estimated archive life Up to 30 years
Warranty 10 years


An Enterprise Extended-Length Tape Cartridge (ETCL)Use of JB tape cartridges is supported only with TS1140 Tape Drives, TS1130 Tape Drives and TS1120 Tape Drives operating in native capacity mode.When used with TS1140 Tape Drives, JB media that contains data that is written in native E05 mode is only supported for READ-ONLY operations. Once this data is reclaimed or written in E06 or E07 format, it is supported for READ-WRITE operations.TS1120 Tape Drives operate in native E05 mode or in 3592 J1A emulation mode. However, all 3592 Tape Drives associated with the TS7700 must be TS1120 Tape Drives in order for 3592 E05 Tape Drives to operate in native E05 mode. To use 3592 E05 Tape Drives in native E05 mode, the drives must be set to E05 native mode. If you intend to use TS1120 Tape Drives in native E05 Mode, the minimum microcode levels are 8.0.1.xx for the TS7700 and 534.2x for the Library Manager. Ask your IBM service representative to receive the most current levels of TS7700 and Library Manager code.


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