Quantum LTO-9 Tape Drive, 1U Rackmount

LTO- 9 Tape Drive Specifications

Drive Type LTO-9 1U Rackmount Tape Drive

Media Compatibility Read/Write to LTO-9 and LT0-8 media

Interface 12 Gb SAS

Cartridge Capacity (native/compressed) 18 TB / 45TB
Drive Throughput (native/compressed) 300/750 MB/sec

Configurations LTO-9: Internal Bare, Internal Kit, Tabletop Kit, and 1U rackmount

Interface Connector Type: 12Gb/s SAS
SFF8482 w/integrated power (Internal), SFF8644 (Tabletop and Rack)

Burst Transfer Rate (MB/sec) 1,200 MB/s

MSTBF hours:
Management Requirements:

Load/Unload Life:
Non-Recoverable Error Rate:
Archive Storage:
250,000 @ 100% duty cycle
100,000 cycles
LTO-9, LTO-8: Idle:11.0 Watts, Typical: 30 Watts, Peak: 42.0 Watts
LTO-7: Idle: 21.1 Watts, Typical: 32 Watts, Peak: 64.5 Watts
LTO-8, LTO-7: 80,000 cycles; LTO-9: HH TBD
1 in 1 x 1019 bits (LTO-9, LTO-8, LTO-7 non-media error, clean drive)
30 Years
20,000 load/unload cycles

Operating Temperature °F (°C):
LTO-9: Max Dew Point 22 °C (72 °F)

Operating Systems:
Microsoft Windows, Red Hat Linux, SUSE Linux, Mac OS.

Warranty: 3 years Limited Rapid Exchange

What’s in the box: Base Kit: 1U Rack with (1) LTO Drive, and (1) cartridge magazine (1) Cleaning Cartridge;
5 Meter Mini-SAS cable and worldwide power cords Optional: 2nd Drive option kit
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Quantum LTO-9 Tape Drive, Half Height, Single, 1U Rackmount, 12Gb/s SAS, Black, Kit, TAA Compliant P/N: TD-L93CN-AR (Includes: 5m Mini-SAS-HD 8644 to Mini-SAS-HD 8644 External SAS Cable, 1 x LTO-9 Data Cartridge Tape and 1 x Universal Cleaning Cartridge Tape) Order TD-L92GN-BR to add a second drive.

As data continues to grow, and cyber threats continue to escalate, organizations need a simple and dependable way to keep data protected. Quantum’s LTO tape drives are an ideal solution for backing up small data sets to tape and are available in a variety of form factors to help you store, manage, and protect your data.

Tape is a Key Part of a Comprehensive Data Protection Strategy: Backing up data using the backup best practice rule such as 3-2- 1-1 – 3 copies of your data, in 2 different forms of media, 1 copy offsite (cloud) and 1 copy offline (on-prem tape) – is crucial for every organization, no matter what the size of the budget or the IT staff is. Quantum offers LTO-9, LTO-8, and LTO-7 tape drives in a half-height form factor, and every tape drive sold includes DATASTOR backup software with deduplication to provide a complete backup solution.

Quantum LTO Tape Drives Provide a Simple, Reliable Solution: Quantum LTO Tape Drives deliver fast, reliable data protection at an affordable price. They offer backup speeds up to 750 MB/sec and when paired with an LTO-9 cartridge, you can store up to 45 TB (compressed) of data on a single cartridge gaining more than 50% storage capacity in the same footprint. Quantum’s LTO cartridges or any LTO media, provide easily transportable backup storage for DR protection, and their AES 256-bit encryption makes sure that no one else can access, delete, or encrypt your data. The WORM-cartridge option provides an even higher level of security.

Features and Benefits:

  • Quickly Back Up and Restore Data from Tape With performance up to 750 MB/sec (2.7 TB/hr)* * 2.5:1 compression LTO-9, LTO-8, and LTO-7 Half-Height drives only

  • Meet Compliance and Security Requirements Secure protection with AES 256-bit hardware-based encryption standard. WORM (Write Once, Read Many) functionality with use of WORM cartridges.

  • Low-Cost and Reliable Long-Term Data Storage Protect up to 45 TB* of data on each cartridge. * 2.5:1 compression LTO-9, LTO-8, and LTO-7 Half-Height drives only


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